Kevin Clifton, PhD


Associate Director of the School of Music, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Co-coordinator of Theory and Composition

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(936) 294-1393
School of Music 225E
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Kevin Clifton, PhD, is associate professor of music theory at Sam Houston State University and serves as the associate director and graduate advisor of the School of Music. Formerly a member of the teaching staff at Indiana State University, Ithaca College, University of Virginia and Lawrence University, he was also a faculty fellow at Colby College. The author of articles on musical meaning in Bartok, Poulenc, and the Broadway Musical Wicked, his most recent published works explores the employment of music in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope (in Horror Studies, vol. 4.1, Spring 2013, pp. 63-74) and Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut (in Earogenous Zones,Equinox Publishing, 2010, pp. 174-189). He also recently contributed an essay that explored the use of tension and release in Strandberg's String Trio (1975) on the CD-ROM Newton D. Strandberg: Essays and Sketches (Ravello Recordings, 2012). Dr. Clifton has presented his research at national and international conferences, such as the 2011 American Musicological Society conference held in San Francisco, the Music and the Moving Image IV conference at New York University, the 12th International Congress on Musical Signification in Belgium, the 7thEuropean Music Analysis Conference in Rome, and the International Conference on Music and Emotion in Durham, England. He also currently serves on the executive board for the Texas Society of Music Theory as well as the music theory pedagogy subcommittee. Dr. Clifton received his PhD in music theory from the University of Texas at Austin where he studied with Dr. Roger Graybill, Dr. Jim Buhler, and Dr. Stefan Kostka.