David Ikard, MM

D. Ikard

Adjunct Instructor, Music Theory

Contact Information
(936) 294-4901

Music Theory

Composer and conductor David Ikard is currently pursuing a DMA in composition from the University of Oklahoma. As a composer, Ikard prefers to engage the listener with layers of soundscape material and computer manipulations of various other sounds (instrumental or environmental), in order to draw the audience further into his imagination. This, coupled with an explorative and creative spirit, makes him an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with within the contemporary music world. Ikard draws from his diverse cultural upbringing, as well as a wealth of life experiences in order to more fully exact his unique voice. Additionally, Ikard has a strong background in visual art (primarily painting and sculpture) and has previously worked as a professional ice carver. This understanding of visual aspects strengthens Ikard’s music and aids him in creating a more comprehensive artistic experience. Ikard has worked on numerous collaborative projects involving dance, fine art, installation pieces as well as concert music, and is highly interested in all types of collaborative activity.

Recent and upcoming performances include the Montreal New Music Festival, MUSICA NOVA, the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Sound Travels sponsored by NAISA, ICMC, the Sonorities music festival at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast, the Kansas City Electronic Music Association, the Global Composition conference in Darmstadt, the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology at the University of Kent, the Music Since 1900 conference at Hope University in Liverpool, the Symposium on “Water Memories and Tomorrow’s Landscapes” with a live broadcast in Tunis, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Hong Kong, Northampton, Keene and Buenos Aires, NAISA in Toronto, Canada, SEAMUS, Electronic Music Midwest, as well as national and regional conferences of the Society of Composers Inc. Composition teachers include Marvin Lamb, Konstantinos Karathanasis, Kim Archer and others. Mr. Ikard’s work is published by Media Press Inc. out of Chicago Illinois. For more information please visit www.davidikard.com.