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Your recital is an extremely important component to your overall academic experience in the School of Music. It is our desire that this event be successful and that all arrangements flow smoothly in order to attain these ends. In order to best facilitate communication and accommodate student and departmental needs, the following policies apply to scheduling student recitals.


Students must register for either option:

  1. both applied music study and the recital
  2. junior standing, register for applied 3202 (lesson w/junior recital).

Students must submit a Student Recital Request Form to the music office at any time during the semester. Recitals can be scheduled in a year/semester time frame. Upon receipt of this form, the student’s recital date will be reserved on the performance calendar in the office. The recital status at this point is unconfirmed. Until the reserved date is confirmed, the time will be protected from other student's recitals, but may need to be rescheduled for a departmental or faculty recital.

A successful recital hearing must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the anticipated performance date. The hearing should consist of all music to be performed on the recital with the proper performance personnel. The recital jury committee will be comprised of 1) the applied instructor, 2) faculty members selected by the major applied teacher, or 3) faculty member selected by the Graduate Advisor, as appropriate to the degree and applied area. Once this is complete, the following must be submitted to the office:

  1. Recital Jury Report Form

    This form indicates a successful hearing and must be signed by the members of the Recital Jury Committee.

  2. Recital Fee

    A fee of $50.00 ($25.00 per student for joint recitals) is necessary to reserve the Recital Hall for student's recitals. This fee partially covers expenditures for recital programs, recording, student monitors for the event, and piano tuning. All payments will be processed through the music office. (Checks made payable to SHSU or SHSU School of Music)

  3. Program Materials Form

    Materials for the printed program must be submitted to Patricia Duran ( in typed format at this time (2 weeks prior). (Typed format includes regular text or Word file, .doc, .docx, .rtf or even email text if it has all the required info). Students may not provide their own program.

    To make this process easier, here are some files with complete instructions, examples, and templates. To view the files, you must use software that will read Microsoft Word formatted files.

    If you are doing program notes, you will need to give them to us formatted for 5.5 X 8 inch pages, which is how the form above is already set up.

    EXCEPTION: student voice recitals do not follow the above rule. Since student voice recitals have strict requirements and are under the direction of the individual voice faculty members, we will not be reformatting them to fit in the program. They will be printed and copied on 8.5x11 paper by the faculty member and brought to the recital separately from the regular programs.

Upon submission of the above items, the recital will be confirmed and placed on the public performance calendar and website. Additional publicity is the responsibility of the student.

At this point, fill out a PAC Room Use form so the appropriate materials will be available for your recital.

Finally, if a confirmed recital is cancelled for any reason, it may be rescheduled no earlier than three weeks before the proposed, re-scheduled date, pending on availability of the hall.

Recital Procedure:

  1. Register for both applied music study and the recital during the semester in which you intend to present.
  2. Complete and submit the Student Recital Request Form to the music office. Be sure to consult with your applied teacher and all personnel performing on your recital before choosing a date.
  3. Arrange your Recital Hearing with your applied teacher, performing personnel and jury committee at least two weeks prior to the reserved recital date.
  4. Upon approval of the Recital Hearing, complete and submit the Recital Jury Report and Recital fee to the office, and send the Program Materials Form to Patricia Duran.

Upon completion of all necessary materials, forms, and requirements, including payment of the recital fee, your recital becomes confirmed.

If you have questions regarding procedures,
please email Patricia Duran.

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