How it Works

With FOCUS, you can complete your basic math requirement by taking Developmental Math and basic College Credit Math in the same semester.

Fundamentals of Conceptual Understanding & Success (FOCUS) is a program designed to help struggling students succeed in college level mathematics. The FOCUS program is intensive and requires students to adhere to high standards, but it provides excellent results. The FOCUS program allows students to complete developmental math and core math in one semester, with an additional weekly learning support lab. Combined with tutoring, mentoring, and workshops, the FOCUS program provides students with all the support they need to succeed.

A Concurrent Prerequisite Course

Depending on a student’s standardized test scores, Math 0332 may be a prerequisite before any 1000-level math courses can be taken. The FOCUS program enables a student to take the prerequisite Math 0332 at the same time as their 1000-level core math course. This is possible because we have redesigned the Math 0332 course to provide just-in-time remediation for the material covered in the core math course. This means that Math 0332 is fit around the core math course to provide the right help at just the right time, enabling both courses to be completed in one semester. 

Developmental Math

A developmental mathematics course is a course below the level of college-level mathematics. Credit for this course will not count toward any baccalaureate degree offered by the University. Developmental math courses are designed to help students prepare for and be successful in college-level mathematics courses. Students are placed into developmental courses based on their standardized test scores. 

Sam Houston State University has two developmental mathematics courses, Math 0331 Developmental Mathematics I and Math 0332 Developmental Mathematics II. The FOCUS program is for students who are required to take Math 0332. If a student is interested in the FOCUS program but is required to take Math 0331, they should take Math 0331 this semester and may apply to enter the FOCUS program the following semester.

Math 0332 Developmental Mathematics II

This course covers products and factoring of polynomials, algebraic fractions, exponents and radicals, quadratic equations, functions and graphs, applications and systems of equations. Credit in this course may not be applied toward graduation or classification of students by hours completed.

Core Math Courses

A core course is a course for which you earn credit hours that count toward the core requirements of a baccalaureate degree offered by the University. Each student at SHSU is required to take at least one 1000-level mathematics course as part of their core degree requirements. A student’s major determines which core math course they should take.

The FOCUS program is open to students who are required to take Math 1314 or Math 1332. Talk to your advisor to determine which core math course you must take for your degree.

Math 1314 Pre-Calculus Algebra

Topics include a brief review of introductory algebra, variation, elementary theory of equations, functions (including exponential and logarithmic), inequalities, systems of equations, and other related topics.

Math 1332 College Mathematics

This course is designed to meet the objectives of Component area 2 of the core curriculum for non-business and non-science related majors. Topics may include sets, counting principles, probability, logic, linear algebra, linear programming, mathematics of finance, geometry, and calculus. Applications are emphasized.

Learning Support

Learning support is an additional weekly small group instruction session. It looks at topics covered in developmental math or the core math course that instructors or students identify as needing more in depth exploration and examples. Learning Support also contextualizes the math so that you can see how it is used in real life examples.

Program Requirements

For the full explanation of requirements and expectations, please read the Expectation Agreement.

Requirements at a glance:

  • Follow the attendance policy.
  • Go to tutoring, mentoring, and advising.
  • Take assessments at the beginning and end of the semester.
  • Purchase the required materials from the campus bookstore or other source.
  • Pay the assessment fee ($100.00). This fee will be included on your regular tuition and fee statement that you pay each semester. 
  • Attend the Workshops.


I can do that!

Yes, you can! Now go read the Expectation Agreement and apply!

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