Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the FOCUS program cost?

  • Each student will register for 6 credit hours. Please visit the University’s tuition and fees information page to find out the exact costs.
  • Materials must be purchased from the campus bookstore or another retailer.
  • Testing Fee: $100.00. This fee will be included on your regular tuition and fee statement that you pay each semester.

How do I register for a FOCUS course?

  • Just like any other course, EXCEPT that when you are accepted to the program, we'll email you your Course Reference Number (CRN). You will need to enter that directly while you register, instead of trying to search for the class in the catalog.

Why do I have to take tests before my course begins?

  • The FOCUS Program uses this data to pre- and post-testing to make sure our program is designed to help you.
  • Universities and colleges try to teach using "evidence-based best practices." This means that the professors teach using a style that they know works. And they know it works because they have done research and collected data. These tests are part of that data.

What materials are required?

  • Students will need to purchase two textbooks (one for each course), a Student Workbook, and a TI-83 graphing calculator. Please speak with your instructor if you would prefer to check out a graphing calculator from the math department. There are a limited number of calculators available for students who are taking 1000-level or higher mathematics and are unable to purchase one themselves. You can purchase these materials at the university bookstore or another retailer. 

I have a schedule conflict. Can I take the course at a different time?

  • Unfortunately, no. A FOCUS participant must enroll for a FOCUS course.

How many hours is each of the FOCUS Courses offering?

  • Pre-Calculus Algebra (MATH 1314 with MATH 0332)
  • A FOCUS Pre-Calculus Algebra course (MATH1314, T/TH) is taken concurrently (side-by-side) with a developmental course (MATH 0332, M/W/F).
  • College Mathematics (MATH 1332 with MATH 0332)
  • A FOCUS College Mathematics course (MATH1332, T/TH) is taken concurrently (side-by-side) with a developmental course (MATH 0332, M/W/F).

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