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Before You Apply...

There are some important things to make sure you understand before you apply.

Fundamentals of Conceptual Understanding & Success (FOCUS) is a program designed to help struggling students succeed in college level mathematics. You will be taking 2 math courses back to back. The FOCUS program is intensive and requires students to adhere to high standards.

  • The FOCUS program is 5 days a week, a 50-minute course on MWF (Math 0332), an 80-minute course on TTh (Math 1314 or Math 1332), and a 50-minute lab (Learning Support) on Fridays.
  • You cannot come late, or leave early. Absences will affect your passing the course.
  • You must purchase the course materials through the campus bookstore or another retailer.
  • There is a required $100.00 assessment fee. This fee will be included on your regular tuition and fee statement that you pay each semester.
  • We will do everything we can to help you learn the material and pass the course.

The Expectation Agreement goes over all of the requirements of this program. You must read through it before you apply.

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Fall 2013
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Terms and Conditions

Data Consent

Sam Houston State University and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board are using student data to evaluate the effectiveness of this program. All data is confidential. It will be reported only in the aggregate and for the express purpose of measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of this program.

I understand that any such information will be used by Sam Houston State University and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board only for these purposes, that Sam Houston State University and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board will not disclose any such information that personally identifies a student to any other party, and that any report generated on the basis of this information will not personally identify any student.

FOCUS Terms and Conditions

I certify that all information given in this application and supporting documents is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations of facts called for in this application may disqualify my application.

I have read and understand the Expectation Agreement and I understand all the requirements and expectations of the FOCUS program. I will complete all the requirements, and adhere to all policies, including the attendance policy. I understand that there may be monetary or grade-based penalties for failing to comply with program policies.

I certify that I will take control of my education and use this program to help me succeed.

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