Sample Study Plan - School Librarian Certification

The order of courses is only a guide. You must be advised prior to registration

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Course NumberCourse Title
LSSL 5330 (MLS & Cert) Collection Development
LSSL 5332 (MLS & Cert) Organization of Collections
LSSL 5334 (MLS &Cert) Information Services and Resources I
LSSL 5337 (MLS & Cert) School Library Media Center Administration
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5330, 5332, 5334)
LSSL 5360 (MLS & Cert) Literature for Children
LSSL 5366 (MLS & Cert) Library Internship/Practicum
(Prerequisites LSSL 5370, 5330, 5332, 5334, 5337, 5360, 5385)
LSSL 5367 (MLS) Research Design and Methodology
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5370)
***LSSL 5370 (MLS & Cert)
School Librarianship
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5370)
LSSL 5385 (MLS & Cert) Literature for Young Adults
LSSL 5391 (MLS) Internet for School Media Specialists
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5370)
LSSL 5391 (MLS) Internet for School Media Specialists
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5370)
LSSL 5396 (MLS) Computer Science Applications to Librarianship
(Prerequisites: LSSL 5370)
LSSL Elective – Choose 1 (after you have taken 5370)
LSSL 5089 - Independent Study School Librarianship
LSSL 5361 - Current Trends in Literature for Children and Young Adults; Prerequisites: LSSL 5360, 5385
LSSL 5368 - Programming for Children and Young Adults; Prerequisite: LSSL 5360, 5385
LSSL 5380 - Master’s Seminar. Topics will vary; Prerequisite: Approval from chair and appropriate courses.
LSSL 5393 - Historical Development of Literature for Children; Prerequisites: LSSL 5360

*Information about these sessions are provided through LIB_SCI.

**Must be enrolled in a course during the semester that you satisfactorily complete the Portfolio! Portfolio is a competency, in lieu of comprehensive examination, that must be completed in order to meet the requirements for the Master of Library Science degree.

Electives: The conference class, LSSL 5368, is offered in each fall. LSSL 5089, is offered each semester. LSSL 5361, is offered during the summer. Other electives will be offered on an occasional basis and as demand dictates.