Doctoral Courses

Upon receiving the Master of Library Science (MLS), some graduates decide to return to the university to begin their doctoral studies. Since many of these MLS graduates are school librarians, they want to take courses associated with research in the library science field. In response to this need, the Library Science Department has developed courses to support doctoral students in their doctoral program. These library science courses are considered electives providing continued and extended library science studies for doctoral students working towards their doctoral degree. In order to learn when these courses are offered or to join a cohort of school librarians who are working on their doctorate, please contact the Library Science Department ( for more information.

LSSL 7337             Administration and Leadership Issues in School Librarianship

This course focuses on issues related to the responsibilities of program directors of library media in school districts. It is one of the four courses that comprise a Library Science Cognate. Candidates conduct research and make inquiries into  the development of effective strategies for planning and implementing organizational change in school libraries.   Prerequisite: Admission to Educational Leadership doctoral program with Library Science cognate.

LSSL 7361             Literature and Related Materials for PK-12 School Libraries

Candidates conduct research and make inquiries into issues of literacy as it relates to  school libraries and how literature specifically written for the PK-12  population may be used to promote and support development of literacy.  Advanced analysis and synthesis of the knowledge, skills,  dispositions and ethics  of school library leaders who promote the success of all students by: creating cultures of educational excellence; responding to diverse learner needs; and facilitating the development of safe, efficient, and effective learning environments is  included.   Prerequisite: Admission to Educational Leadership doctoral program with Library Science cognate.

LSSL 7367             Research in Library Science

Candidates engage in reading, discussion, and original research related to practice, evaluation ,and utilization of school libraries to improve student achievement and related aspects of  school library management.  The course focuses on identification of useful research questions and methodologies, evaluation of approaches to narrowing gaps between knowledge and practice, means of providing administrative support for research activities, and development of collaborative strategies for implementing school  library-related research studies across disciplines.  There are no prerequisites for this course.

LSSL 7370            Leadership in Technology and Information Literacy for School Libraries

In this course candidates research and analyze issues related to technology and information literacy. Topics include collaboration between teachers and librarians, the role of librarians as technology leaders on school campuses, professional development and support for faculty, technology as a tool for assessing students, ethical issues related to technology and information literacy, and selection and acquisition of hardware and software.