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Does dyslexia help people become successful?

by Gloria Carter

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Daniel Britton designed a font that illustrates the difficulties of dyslexia

Photo Huffington Post

What do inventors Michael Faraday, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison have in common? All three struggled with dyslexia.

Stephen Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Nolan Ryan, and many other athletes, celebrities, scientists, artists, politicians, and even writers have achieved success despite having dyslexia.

 Such a large number of highly-successful people with dyslexia may lead a person to ask—does dyslexia help people become successful?

Dyslexia is a genetic anomaly that affects approximately 1 out of every 5 learners. Dyslexia creates difficulties in language processing activities like reading, seeing the differences in letters, spelling, recalling words previously learned, understanding what is heard, and following rapid instructions.

Daniel Britton recently designed a font that illustrates what printed letters may look like to a person with dyslexia.

Learners with dyslexia have often been misunderstood and sometimes viewed by others as lazy or unintelligent. However, people with dyslexia are of average or above average intelligence and are often quite gifted and driven people.

In fact, the struggles that people with dyslexia face in school can result in the determination to succeed despite obstacles—a quality that is useful in facing all of life’s challenges.

Also, people with language difficulties such as dyslexia often shift their efforts to developing skills in highly creative areas of interest. This combination of determination and skill can lead to expertise in highly-marketable fields.

So, while dyslexia can create difficulties in school; it can, indeed, lead to successful achievements in life.


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