Charly Baker's Reflection

When I started this course, honestly my knowledge about writing in my content area was very limited. I have not had many positive experiences regarding the topic of incorporating writing into my mathematics class, and that is why I was very excited about taking this course.

Through the course of the last few weeks, I would definitely say that my perspective has changed. Though I still feel that it takes extensive planning and work to incorporate writing into mathematics, I believe it definitely can be done and that it is very beneficial to the success of students.

I wrote my final article about financial literacy. Financial literacy is a topic that is now a huge part of the curriculum in 7th grade. I think that the content that is required in 7th grade would fit very nicely with these types of articles. Many of them are written using bulleted ideas, and even use shortened sentences. I know that students could read them with ease and then emulate what they see and even what they learn when reading them. I believe that the idea of disciplinary literacy has evolved for me into something that I really want to practice in my classroom. I just think about all of the things students must read in class regarding testing. They are asked to read word problems, pull out important information and then answer the questions after they have processed all that they’ve read. What a great way to practice with this ‘Unit of Study’ approach. If students are being asked regularly to read articles that include mathematical ideas and vocabulary, synthesize the information and then create an article of their own, how much more will they be prepared to read a few sentences of a word problem. When students are comfortable with disciplinary texts and exposed to them more, they should absolutely be more comfortable when they see those same concepts in a word problem.

I am very excited to implement some of the ideas I have learned through this course. I think it will be a great thing for my students and a great way to help them across all contents and in their literacy skills in general. I am glad I had the opportunity to take this course.