Allison Spooner's Sample Writing

Divorce: A Confessional Poem

By: Allison Spooner

You cannot hurt me, you cannot hurt me
Anymore, monster man
With whom I have existed like a servant
For over thirty years with quarrels and fights
Not daring to speak up, playing hide and seek

I do, I do, I had to leave you,
But you went before I had a chance…
Weighed down, heart laden with fury
Horrid thoughts of guns and roses
My mind a gigantic movie screen

My whole life thrown over into the Pacific
Bubbling in the champagne toilet of hate
Tossed by shell and sand,
Flailing, bouncing around, nauseated
Heaving, I don’t understand

Hunt the hart, hill the heart
Gutted by the knife
Of razor sharp words,
The habit a common one
My Lenin friend.