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Perspectives on International Diversification from 1991 to 2008

The advantage of globally diversifying one’s investment portfolio to gain greater risk reduction has been changing over the last fifty years. This poster is an empirical study that analyzes the diversification benefits of the global equity market over almost two decades. Specifically it examines the advantage of global diversification from several perspectives: how it has changed over time, how it has changed across different regions, and the impact of the degree of diversification (proportion of domestic versus foreign investments). While there is still an advantage, albeit quite small, to globally diversifying one’s financial portfolio, the degree of this advantage has clearly suffered from international integration. This study is important because today’s investor needs all the tools and information possible to effectively and efficiently plan for the future and hedge against the risks of the market.


The Role of Organizational Behavior in Corporate Mergers: A Look at Four Mergers Since 2000

Companies spend millions of dollars and countless hours in an effort to increase corporate identity, and create “synergy” among their employees. Once a company announces a merger, upper management’s efforts to create synergy have been waster. For the company in the merger, they must focus their efforts on erasing one culture, while maintaining another. Often times, the public hears of failed or successful mergers, but often time, no very little of why it occurs. Many people assume they understand the concept of culture as it relates to organizations and believe it is not as powerful as studies have shown. This paper examines the role organizational behavior and corporate culture play in corporate mergers. Examples are drawn from companies that have merged since 2000, including Anheuser-Busch, InBev, Disney, Pixar, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, America Online, and Time Warner. Some investors see mergers as disasters, while others view them as stepping stones toward higher stock prices. This report examines the idea of defining success based on organizational terms and why it is risky to view financially profitable mergers as successful.





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