Art and Science Abstracts

The Ninth Annual URS

April 23, 2016

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

CHSS Building


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Art and Science Example Abstracts




Mathematical Models of Invasive Aquatic Species

In this presentation, a dynamical model is formulated to describe the competition between two aquatic plants by using a mixture of Turchin’s regrowth model and the classical Lotka-Volterra model. This model is a system of differential equations that accounts for the belowground biomass, herbivory, and interspecific competition. There are two types of competing vegetation: one that is completely submerged with significant belowground biomass and the other which emerges from the water, but has negligible below ground biomass. The model was analyzed in order to determine the relative parameter values where one species out competes the other.


Challenges of Curating Small Fossil Animals

The main challenges for curating microfauna are long-term preservation, space, cost, and accessibility for research. While the fossils are small, relative to macrofauna, to protect and organize them requires more relative space and materials per unit of fossil volume. The method of organization also has to take into account a way to catalogue the fossils and make sure they are accessible for later analysis and research. Poor methods of fossil curation can leave valuable specimens damaged. Long-term packaging also must be reversible; therefore, in this poster presentation, we examine other current methods of curating microfauna in a manner that allows for long-term preservation and utility, while addressing concerns over cost and space.


Building an Alternative Energy Training Unit

We live in an age of environmental awareness and alternative energy education. In preparing students for their future career, real-world training is a plus. Renewable energy teaching tools can help students comprehend complex concepts with interactive educational training equipment. Renewable energy training units for educational purposes are very important for the hands-on laboratory sections of energy education. To reinforce the material covered in the classroom the students in the Technology program have designed, built, and tested a renewable energy educational training unit for the alternative energy related courses.

Pulsing the Public: What Does Huntsville Know About Environmental Issues?

While many Americans remain in the dark about environmental issues, many others are taking steps to reduce, prevent, and reverse the harmful effects humans have had on the planet. Our study attempts to discover how environmentally informed the average citizens of Huntsville are. In our video presentation, we ask members of the general public about how they get their information on the environment in order to assess which informative tools are most utilized by people and to determine if there is anything that might encourage the average person to learn more about the environment. We also explore and assess the steps that the city itself is taking to accommodate such issues, particularly examining Huntsville’s efforts in the areas of transportation, solid waste/recycling, parks and recreational areas, and resource conservation.


Huntsville Recycling Initiative

SHSU is implementing changes to lower our waste production in accordance with the green movement that has overtaken most of the country.  The purpose of our "Huntsville Recycling Initiative" documentary is to examine recycling within the community; we also present a set of clear and coherent ideas supporting the significance in the conservation of resources and the positive impacts of effective resource management within a local ecology. Viewers will have the opportunity to learn about what they can do in order to contribute to the preservation of our environment, especially in the context of diminishing our garbage production, and thus reduce the size of our landfills.



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