Part of the benefits of being in the Honors College are the special events during the semester. These events range from fun, relationship building dinner and outings to serving the community as a whole.



HSAC Cultural Outing to the Downtown Houston Aquarium on Sunday, November 12. Tickets for the event, meal, and transportation are $20. Registration link:

HSAC Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 16 registration link:


Featured Events

Medallion Ceremony

The Bowers Medallion Ceremony and Reception is held in the LSC Ballroom at the end of every semester to celebrate the graduation of honors students. This semester the ceremony will be held on Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 11 am.

Graduates will need to register by Friday, December 1, 2017 by following this link:

Student plus 4 guests are complimentary, each additional guest will require a $20 fee.

Honors College Open House

The Elliott T. Bowers Honors College Open House is a campus event that provides prospective students and their parents the opportunity to learn more about Honors education at Sam Houston State University.  Presentations and informal conversations with Honors faculty, academic advisors, and Honors College Student Ambassadors will include information on the following topics:

Applying to the Honors College

Academic Scholarships

The Honors Seminars

Honors Student Life

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Co-Curricular Honors Experiences

Honors Residence Life Opportunities

The Honors College Open House is scheduled during Saturdays at SAM, the SHSU college preview day:

  • Saturday, November 11, 2017, 11:00 am, Olson Auditorium, AB4

Reservations are encouraged.  For additional information, contact the Honors College at or 936-294-1477. For Saturdays at SAM information, view the website

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Saturday, April 28, 2018

CHSS Building

The URS was conceived of and is hosted by the Honors College Student Ambassadors, who believe in the importance of sharing undergraduate research in a multi-disciplinary environment. It was created to:

  • Provide a forum for students to present their research to faculty and other students
  • Give students the opportunity to practice public speaking to prepare for future conferences
  • Give students the chance to network with other students and faculty
  • Help students grow as emerging professionals in their fields of study

To achieve these ends, the URS is a congenial, positive, professional environment, and faculty volunteers serve as moderators to provide informal yet constructive feedback to everyone who presents.


Interested in presenting or attending the 2017 URS? Visit the official website HERE.

ProfSPEAK 2017-2018

In a continued effort to promote undergraduate research, the Honors College is hosting a new series of informal lectures called ProfSPEAK. Each month, a different faculty member will share some aspect of his or her research with interested undergraduates from any discipline. All students, faculty, and staff are also welcome. Here is the line-up for this academic year:

Fall 2017

Thursday, September 28 Piney Woods 104 A 2:00 pm

Dr. Brandy Blasko (Criminal Justice & Criminology) The Quality of Prison Life

In recent years, incarceration in the United States transformed drastically as prison populations soared and carceral philosophies shifted accordingly. Today, the U.S. prison population numbers in excess of 2 million persons, and the experience of confinement is an ever-more-frequent life event for a great many individuals. Indeed, a staggering 1 in 29 U.S. residents have experienced incarceration in their lifetime. Broadly, my research addresses what happens to people during incarceration. In this talk, I will share how my ten-year career working in the psychology department of a maximum-security prison shaped my main interest in understanding the day-to-day prison experience, discuss some of my current research projects, and describe how the work of undergraduate and graduate students in my research lab shapes what happens behind prison walls.

Thursday, October 19 Piney Woods 104 A 2:00 pm

Dr. Patrick Lewis (Biology) New Methods for Old Bones

The stereotype of the fossil collector naming new species from fragmentary bones is well entrenched in both the public and scientific psyches.  New advances in technology, however, have allowed today's paleontologists to address a variety of questions once beyond our imagination. Among these advances are powerful computers for detailed shape analysis, the use of isotopes for rebuilding environments, GIS technology for examining spatial distributions, and high resolution CT scans for anatomical studies.  My lab uses these technologies and others to study the evolutionary history of several groups of animals, from burrowing lizards to bison.  I will show you a few of the projects that students in my lab, from freshman undergraduates to masters level, are working on, as well a few of the research projects we have on the horizon.

Thursday, November 2 Piney Woods 104 A 2:00 pm

Dr. Barbara Kaminska (Art) What Are Paintings For? Dinner Parties, Economy, and Poverty in Sixteenth-Century Europe

As a twenty-first-century audience, we are used to looking at Renaissance paintings in museums, neatly arranged by curators chronologically and geographically. This altered context makes us oblivious to the ways in which original viewers interacted with images, and the importance of art for shaping socio-political, religious, and even economic debates. In this talk, I will present my research on Pieter Bruegel’s Tower of Babel and Pieter Aertsen’s Seven Works of Mercy, and show how they visually expressed concerns about entrepreneurial ethics, charity, and poverty in sixteenth-century northern Europe. We will see that paintings were frequently discussed during dinner parties, admonished their audience to compassionate behavior, and promoted the creation of a harmonious society. Using these two examples, I will also explain what it means to do original research in the field of Renaissance art, and how it can lead us to surprising discoveries both about the past and the present.


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