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Part of the benefits of being in the Honors College are the special events during the semester. These events range from fun, relationship building dinner and outings to serving the community as a whole.

FALL 2014

FALL 2014 EVENTS (pdf)




Newsletter, The Dialogue


Each semester, the Honors College produces a newsletter that recaps what all our students have done. We typically have a student, faculty, seminar, and alumni spotlight each issue. We also list the Honors graduates of that semester


We are always reaching out for new material, so if you would like to be featured in the The Dialogue, please e-mail your story to


We love to hear from students, faculty and alumni!


Current Edition

Volume 5, Issue 2-Spring and Summer 2014


  • LET'S TALK! Event
  • 7th Annual SHSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Benefits of Honors Theses
  • Honors Student Leadership
  • Honors Goes Cultural


Previous Newsletters

Volume 5, Issue 1-Fall 2013


  • The Dialogue Receives National Award
  • What Do Honors Students Do in the Summer?


Volume 4, Issue 2-Spring and Summer 2012

Featured Stories:

  • Let's Talk!
  • 6th Annual SHSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Jack Horner Visits Honors
  • Honors Goes to Disney


Volume 4, Issue 1-Fall 2012

Featured Stories:

  • Honors is ROTC Tough
  • Excellence on the Track
  • Internships and Study Abroad
  • Read to Succeed


Volume 3, Issue 2-Spring 2012

Featured Stories:

  • Let’s Talk!
  • 5th Annual SHSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • President’s Dinner
  • Dr. Young in the News


Volume 3, Issue 1-Fall 2011

Featured Stories:

  • UNIV 130H
  • Journeys Seminar
  • Parents Weekend
  • Homecoming
  • Phi Theta Kappa


Volume 2, Issue 2-Spring and Summer 2011

Featured Stories:

  • Let’s Talk
  • 4th Annual SHSU Undergraduate Research Symposium
  •  Great Plains Conference


Volume 2, Issue-1 Fall 2010

Featured Stories:

  • Honors Website
  • Lounge Remodel
  • Honors Seminars
  • Great Plains Conference
  • Published Honors Student
  • Honors Soccer Team


Volume 1, Issue 1-Spring and Summer 2010

Featured Stories:

  • Note from the Director
  • New Honors Ambassadors
  • HSAC Officers
  • Voices from Abroad



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