Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Ms. Shelby Brock
Clinical Assistant Professor
Email Address: sab014@shsu.edu
Phone Number: 936-294-1249 Office: MLHB 128
Dr. Valencia Browning-Keen
Assistant Professor
Email Address: vbk001@shsu.edu
Phone Number: 936-294-1245 Office: MLHB 225
Dr. Laura Burleson
Assistant Professor
Email Address: hec_lpb@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1247 Office: MLHB 124

Ms. Shin-Min Chang

Email Address: melody@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1241 Office: MLHB 125
Ms. Heather Frazier
Clinical Assistant Professor
Email Address: hrf007@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1986 Office: MLHB 226
Mr. Ryan Fenley
Email Address: rnf001@shsu.edu Phone Number:  Office: MLHB 220
Dr. Harriet Griggs
Email Address: hec_hhg@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4512 Office: MLHB 213
Ms. Natalie Knesek
Email Address: ndk003@shsu.edu Phone Number: Office: 
Ms. Samantha Kropik
Administrative Associate/Asst. to Chair
Email Address: sja023@shsu.edu
Phone Number:936-294-1242 Office:MLHB 224
Mr. James Landa
Assistant Professor
Email Address: jgl006@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4655 Office: MLHB 221
Ms. Penelope Meyers
Clinical Assistant Professor
Email Address: stdphm11@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4959 Office: MLHB 220
Ms. Sonya Miller
Administrative Assistant
Email Address: sdr001@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1250 Office: MLHB 217
Dr. Susan Reichelt
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Email Address: sreichelt@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4129 Office: MLHB 223
Ms. Carol Smith
Email Address: hec_cms@shsu.edu Phone Number:  Office: MLHB 111
Ms. Kimberly Townsend
Email Address: klo001@shsu.edu Phone Number:  Office: 
Dr. Janis White
Associate Professor
Email Address: hec_jhw@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1184 Office: MLHB 223

Department of Health Services and Promotion
Dr. Stephen Brown
Associate Professor
Email Address: sbrown@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4328 Office: ALL 209
Ms. Mercedes Duchicela
Bilingual Healthcare Advisor
Email Address: dsf005@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2664 Office: ALL 213
Dr. Bill Hyman
Email Address: bhyman@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1212 Office: Sam Center
Dr. Rosanne Keathley
Associate Dean, Professor
Email Address: hpe_rsk@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1171 Office: ALL 101
Ms. Erin Keenright
Assistant to the Chair
Email Address: emk007@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2660 Office: ALL 212
Ms. Isabel Kirwin
Administrative Assistant
Email Address: isabel@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2665 Office: ALL 213
Dr. Amanda Scarbrough
Assistant Professor
Email Address: aes060@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1168 Office: ALL 208
Dr. Yue Xie
Assistant Professor
Email Address: yxx008@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2717 Office: ALL 104
Dr. Miguel Zuniga
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Email Address: mxz012@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1110 Office: ALL 214

Department of Kinesiology
Dr. Jennifer Didier
Associate Professor
Email Address: jennifer.didier@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1183 Office:HKC 217
Dr. Brent Estes
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator (Sport Management)
Email Address: bce001@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1159 Office: HKC 218
Dr. Page Glave
Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator (Exercise Science)
Email Address: apglave@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-3324 Office: HKC 249A
Dr. Jihyun Lee
Assistant Professor
Email Address: jlee@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1162 Office: HKC214
Dr. Liette Ocker
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Email Address: liette.ocker@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2580 Office: HKC 212
Dr. Gary Oden
Email Address: garyoden@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1211 Office: HKC 211
Ms. Mindy Oden
Lifetime Health & Wellness Coordinator
Email Address: smo006@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1168 Office:HKC 217
Dr. Emily Roper
Associate Professor, Assistant Chair
Email Address: ear007@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1169 Office: HKC 210
Dr. Jose Santiago
Assistant Professor
Email Address: jas083@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1170 Office: HKC 209
Dr. Matt Wagner
Assistant Professor
Email Address: mcw002@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1163 Office: HKC 215
Dr. Mary Williams
Assistant Professor
Email Address: mlw049@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1172 Office: HKC 221
Dr. Ryan Zapalac
Associate Professor
Email Address: rzapalac@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-4575 Office: HKC 213

Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Eileen Boaz Email Address:eileenboaz@shsu.edu Phone Number:936.294.1183 Office:HKC 217
Mr. William Choate Email Address: wdc003@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.438.8588 Office: HKC 218
Ms. Lisa Clarkson Email Address: ldc010@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.4347 Office:
Ms. Charlotte Collier Email Address: hpe_cmc@shsu.edu Phone Number: Office: HKC 216
Ms. Laura Dougherty Email Address: ldougherty@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2647 Office: HKC 223
Ms. Norma Kay Dufree Email Address: nkd003@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1801 Office: SHCC 172
Ms. Daphne Fulton Email Address: dsp005@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2668 Office: ALL 207
Mr. Edward Gisemba Email Address: emg020@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-2228 Office: ALL 213
Ms. Donna Gilbert Email Address: dgilbert@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.3924 Office: VIS 204
Ms. Brenda Gray Email Address: ath_bxg@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.1736 Office: HKC 207
Ms. Devon Gray Email Address: stdddm13@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.1106 Office: HKC 207
Ms. Adrienne Langelier Email Address: anl002@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.4328 Office: HKC 210
Mr. James Mobley Email Address: jam187@shsu.edu Phone Number: Office:
Mr. Stephen Nkansah Email Address: sxn017@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1052 Office: ALL 210
Dr. Jessica Payne Email Address: jmp001@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.4445 Office: HKC 209
Ms. Susie Stone Email Address: hkc_ses@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.1168 Office: ALL 211
Ms. Chris Thompson Email Address: ath_cat@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.3542 Office: HKC 213
Ms. Courtney Wallace Email Address: cwallace@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.4034 Office: ALL 211
Mr. Randall Walton Email Address: rkw011@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936-294-1106 Office: HKC 207
Ms. Rachael Wilcox  Email Address: rmw017@shsu.edu Phone Number: 936.294.1106 Office: HKC 213

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