Success Stories


Quotes from Fashion Merchandising students:

“I really enjoyed working with the Liz Claiborne rep. during my internship.  I was able to ask her about her job and find out exactly what she does. She told me a lot about the way Liz Claiborne merchandises and the importance of it all. Her job seemed very interesting and is something I might want to look into in the future.”

“I truly enjoyed my day today. After my business supervisor showed me how to pull up the ads on the computer so that I could see those that would be coming out in the next two weeks and we checked to verify whether our sales area would be affected.  It amazed me that I could really see how my class knowledge from the Fashion and Promotions was applied.”

Quotes from Food Service Management students:

“As I arrived I was the only grill cook for the afternoon. This made me a bit nervous at first; I was not sure that I could handle all the tickets, but due to learning the proper procedures in my quantity foods class I jumped right in and was pleased with myself; the cook said that I did pretty well too.”

“Record keeping is so important to the restaurant‘s operations, and I understood the process easily since I really was well prepared for handling inventory, stocking, and ordering  from taking the Advanced Food Systems course.”

Quotes from Interior design students:

“It is important to remember that the designer is selecting for the client, and I am getting a feel for working with real people that you can’t get in the classroom.  I can see where my faculty was too easy on us by letting us select for our own taste.  I am starting to think like my designer, “What would this client want.” I will have reached one of my goals if one of the samples I selected is selected by the client.”

“Learning how to take responsibility in financial issues, such as organizing my pending purchases file, is something that I learned in our business practices class. We learned all about the importance of keeping up with expenses and why it’s crucial for a business’s success.  I am overwhelmed with my knowledge and skills and so confident that I can make a difference in this design company.”


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