Ervin Malakaj, Ph.D.

Dr. Malakaj is Assistant Professor of German at Sam Houston State University. He received his Ph.D. in German Literature and Film Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently he is working on his first book project, Anxious Telling: Fragile Literary Culture in Early Wilhelmine Germany, which is based on his dissertation and was, in part, supported by a Fulbright research fellowship to the University of Tübingen in Germany. Dr. Malakaj's research in film has yielded essays on German and European film history including the first historical account of German woman screenwriters. His work in second language pedagogy concerns questions of diversity and decolonialization, advocacy for language and culture study, as well as social justice in the classroom.

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 Current research interests

  • German media history
  • literary and reading cultures of Imperial Germany
  • early film history
  • cognitive approaches to literature and film
  • feminist and queer film historiography

Selected Publications/Works/ Conferences

“The Emotive Textualities of Wilhelm Jensen’s Karin von Schweden” (article accepted and forthcoming with Neophilologus)

“Richard Oswald, Magnus Hirschfeld, and the Possible Impossibility of Hygienic Melodrama” (article accepted and forthcoming with Studies in European Cinema)

“Teaching an Honors Seminar on #BlackLivesMatter in East Texas” with Jeffery L. Littlejohn, Kimberly Bell, Patrick Lewis, and Julia May, (article accepted and forthcoming with Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council)

“Germany: A Historical Overview,” “Doris Dörrie,” and “Jutta Brückner,” Women Screenwriters: An International Guide, ed. Jill Nelmes and Jule Selbo (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015): 363-74; 390-91; 394-96.

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Regular conference participation at the German Studies Association, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Annual Conference

List of courses regularly taught at SHSU

German 1411: Elementary German 1

German 1412: Elementary German 2

German 2311: Intermediate German 1

German 2312: Intermediate German 2

German 3368: German Media

German 4370: Selected Topics in German (The Cultural Legacy of the Brothers Grimm & Crime and German Film)