Course Blocks

A student takes at least one course in each of five blocks, comprising classes with shared disciplinary interests and methods or with historical kinship. The student need not complete the block classes in any particular order, but ideally he or she will begin taking workshops within the first twelve hours.


Block I (English Language Block)

ENGL 5377 Studies in Early and Middle English Literature

ENGL 5383 Studies in English Linguistics

ENGL 5389 History and Development of the English Language


Block II (Courses That Do Not Fit into the Framework of Traditional Literary History)

ENGL 5331 Creative Writing: Fiction

ENGL 5332 Creative Writing: Poetry

ENGL 5333 Practicum: Editing and Publishing

ENGL 5335 Workshop in Teaching Writing

ENGL 5367 Practicum in Teaching College Composition

ENGL 5368 Literary Criticism and Theory

ENGL 5384 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition Theory

ENGL 5390 Studies in Technical and Professional Writing


Block III (Early Literature Block)

ENGL 5372 Early American Literature

ENGL 5375 Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature

ENGL 5376 The Classical Tradition

ENGL 5378 Studies in Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century British Literature


Block IV (19th-Century Literature Block)

ENGL 5379 Studies in Romantic Literature

ENGL 5380 Studies in Victorian Literature

ENGL 5385 Studies in American Literature, 1800–1860

ENGL 5386 Studies in American Literature, 1860–1920


Block V (20th-/21st-Century Literature Block)

ENGL 5371 Studies in Modern World Literature

ENGL 5381 Studies in British Literature, 1900–Present

ENGL 5387 Studies in American Literature, 1920–Present