Westmoreland Center

Westmoreland Center

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2424 Ave M

Huntsville, TX 77340


Harry Westmoreland’s faith and his love for helping the less fortunate flowed as

unbounded as the earth’s waters. When his drill bit manufacturing company took

the ’71 and ’74 alumnus to Peru, he encountered a missionary who was drilling wells

for locals who lacked a clean, safe source of water. Inspired, Westmoreland devised a

new, lightweight, portable drilling rig in 1989 that could be set up and broken down

in minutes, as well as carried to areas inaccessible by conventional portable drilling

machines. Because of the LS 100, LS 200 and LS 300 and Living Water International,

founded by Westmoreland and fellow parishioners, almost 4,000 water projects in 21

countries were completed, providing millions with both clean water and the “living

water” of God.