Dr. Matthew Fuller

Dr. Matthew Fuller

Assistant Professor

Matthew Fuller

Research Interests:

  • Foundations of Higher Educational Assessment
  • Research Methods in Education
  • Social and Historical Foundations of Education

Courses Taught:

  • EDAD 5362 Resource Development and Allocation
  • EDLD 7376 Higher Education Curriculum

Selected Publications:

Fuller, M. B. & Garison, A. (2011). Toward a philosophy of assessment. NASPA NetResults. 293(July 27, 2011).

Fuller, M.B. & Noël Elkins, A. (2011). Ten things supervisors can do to support new professionals’ assessment competency. NASPA NetResults. 293(August 24, 2011).

Fuller, M.B., Wilson, M.A, & Tobin, R.M. (2011). The National Survey of Student Engagement as a predictor of undergraduate GPA: A cross-sectional and longitudinal examination. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 36(6), pp. 735-748. doi: 10.1080/02602938.2010.488791. (Less than 20% acceptance rate).

Fuller, M. B. (2010). Democracy and dialogue:  Assessing Civic and political Engagement.  In Zompetti, J. and Zompetti, S. (2010). Democratic pedagogy: Applied learning techniques for civic engagement in the university classroom.  Bolton, MA: Stylus Pub. Co.

Wilson, M.A. & Fuller, M.B. (2009). Assessing civic and political engagement. In Banta, T., Black, K. and Jones, E. Designing Effective Assessment:  Principles and Profiles of Good Practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass  Pub. Co.

Fuller, M.B. (2009).  Teaching the history of higher education.  Higher Education. 32 (1), pp. 1-2.

Frew, E., Fuller, M.B. & Hobbs, M. (2007). National Salary Survey for Assessment Practicioners.Assess. Retrieved from http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/UPA/assmt/resource.htm.Joint project

Bresciani, M. J., Fuller, M. B., & Toner, C. (2007). Suggested resources for assessing general education. In M. J. Bresciani, Assessing student learning in general education: Good practice case studies (pp. 237-242). Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Company.

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