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Registration and Continental Breakfast  
8:00-9:00 West Commons

Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:00 – 9:30  Room 110

Keynote Speaker: James Tweheyo, General Secretary of the Uganda National Teachers’ Union

Session I  9:35-10:50  Room 110

The Universal Challenges Facing Education 

Agricultural Education in Haiti
David Vanderpool, Texas A&M University

Teacher Moral and Moonlighting: An International Comparison
Sam Sullivan, Robert Maninger,  and Andrey Koptelov, Sam Houston State University 

Benefits, Barriers, and Solutions: A Global Perspective for Integrating Curriculum in Mathematics and Science.
Teresa A. Hughes, Prairie View A&M University        

Pattern Blocks, Area, and Content Acquisition
James R. Valles, Jr., Sam Houston State University

Session II  10:55-12:10  Room 110

Global Issues Surrounding The Child and Family

Study Abroad and International Student Services
Ian Lertora, Sam Houston State University

An Exploration of Children’s Perspectives of Their School Experiences: A Mixed-Methods Research Study
Denise Peterson, Sam Houston State University

Women who stay and women who leave: The internal cognitive factors that mitigate the decision making process in an abusive relationship
Shana D. Lewis, Sam Houston State University           

 Luncheon: 12:15-1:30; President's Ballroom, 4th Floor

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Roberto Rodriquez
San Jose, Costa Rica 

Poster Presentations 12:15-1:30 President’s Ballroom, 4th Floor

What are the effects of short-term study abroad for pre-service teachers?
Karla Eidson, Sam Houston State University

Inspire, Challenge and Energize: Enhancing the Faculty and Student Experience Through Faculty Learning Communities
Bernnell Peltier-Glaze, Texas Southern University     

From Whom Much was Taken, Much is Needed: Providing Professional Development for Community College Educators in Liberia
Michael Craig Edwards, Oklahoma State University  

Using Agriculture as a Context for Learning: Introducing Liberian Teachers to a Model for Improving Student Achievement in Agriculture and Mathematics
J.C. Bunch, Louisiana State University                           

Addressing Malnutrition through Schools
Manuel Piña, Jr., Texas A&M University

An Analysis of Stigma as a Barrier to Utilization of Mental Health Services For Asian American Veterans
Chance Quoc Dung Tran, Sam Houston State University

Cross Cultural Awareness with the Use of Second Life
Jolene Kollman, Texas A&M University

Food Security: Not only a Developing World Problem
Jolene Kollman, Texas A&M University

Integrating Study Abroad Into Curriculum:  Festival de Cannes, Producing and the International Film and Media Market- Poster Session
Tom Garrett, Sam Houston State University

Bio-prospecting in Costa Rica's Great Biodiversity: The Impact of Research
Eric J. Fuchs, International Universidad de Iberoamerica, Costa Rica

An Integrated International Research Experience in Four Weeks: Psychology and Global Climate Change
Anabelle Guerrero, Universidad de Iberoamerica, Costa Rica

Promoting Internalization through Education Study Abroad Programs: Using Technology to Prepare for Departure and Enhance Learning Outcomes
Karla Eidson, Sam Houston State University

Session III  1:35-2:35  Room 110

Education and Global Sensitivity

Leaders’ Comparative Perceptions on the Education of Traditionally Marginalized Racial/Ethnic Groups in the United States and Costa Rica
Rebecca M. Bustamante, Sam Houston State University

Gender and Academic Performance in Higher Education: An International Study
Nara M. Martirosyan, Sam Houston State University

The Relationship Between Theoretical Orientation and the Professional Identity of Counselors-in-Training
Rena Gayle Greger, Sam Houston State University

Symposium (Panel Discussion) 2:40 -3:25  Room 110

Preparing for International Agricultural Development by PRACTICING International Agricultural Development: Needs and Opportunities in Haiti
Gary Briers, James Lindner, Manuel Piña, Joe Masabni, Audie Cherry, Paige Graves, Emily Perdue, and David Stallings Vanderpool, Texas A&M University; David Vanderpool, Live Beyond; Edsel Redden and Danette Philpot, Christianville Foundation, Inc.

Session IV 3:30-4:30 Room 110

Education and Global Sensitivity

A Qualitative Study: Enhancing the Productivity of the Emotionally Challenged High School Students
John Mammen, Sam Houston State University

"Evidence-based Practice," the next step for Postmodern Collaborative Language System Approach
Victoria Yu Liu, Sam Houston State University 

The joint development of Scientific, Professional, and Academic Center for Excellence (SPACE) between Sam Houston State University (SHSU, USA) and Patna University (PU, India)
Madhusudan Choudhary, Sam Houston State University 

The Impact of Limited Language Proficiency on Academic Performance of International Students
Nara M. Martirosyan, Eujin Hwang, Denis Akwar, Sam Houston State University 

Concluding Remarks and Conference Feedback 4:30-5:00 Room 110

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