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Assignments and Activities that will be submitted to Tk20:

The Educational Diagnostician Portfolio is an assignment that is essentially started in one of your first graduate level SPED classes and continues through the semesters to one of your last SPED classes.  It contains a collection of your work that will be cumulatively assessed.  Your professors will explain more about how this works, but suffice to say, your portfolio is your collected documents and files will be uploaded to Tk20 throughout your program, but submitted only at the end of your program in a portfolio assignment.

** Please note that some assignments may be stand alone Tk20 assignments that you will need to turn in during a class, for example, a Case Study may be assigned in Tk20 for a class and you will need to turn something in for that class.  Refer back to the list of classes to find this assignment.  However, in addition to turning it in individually for the class, the file (probably an MS Word file) would also be uploaded to the portfolio artifact, as it will need to be assessed near the end of your program as well. 

 Below are 4 videos that are specific to the Educational Diagnostician Portfolio Assignment in Tk20.

Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4


Always check with your instructor for due dates, specific content instructions (ex: what topics need to be discussed in the attached paper) and other instructional information.

If you see your course listed when you click on the Courses tab in Tk20, but the assignment/activity "pending" flag does not appear next to it, then either the assignment has not been sent for this course section in the semester (check with your instructor) or you have already submitted it.  This is a common student error and easily corrected.

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