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How to Activate and Pay for your Tk20 Account

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What did I submit for Assessment? Is it right?
If you want to know what you have submitted for assessment to your professor ("Did I do this right?") or if your professor tells you that something is wrong with your submission (usually nothing attached) here is how to look to see what was submitted.
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How to recall an assignment, fix it, and resubmit it for Assessment
From time to time, students need to correct a submitted assignment or activity before it is assessed in Tk20 by faculty. Sometimes this happens when the assignment is submitted, but the associated Artifact is not attached. Other times, the faculty may contact the student to correct some portion of the assignment and resubmit.

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How will I be assessed? Watch Video
Where are my completed assessments? Did my professor leave me any feedback? Watch Video
How to fill out a Tk20 Survey Watch Video
How to fill out an Application in Tk20
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