Dispositions & Diversity Proficiencies

SHSU Dispositions/Diversity Proficiencies for Graduate Programs Rubric for Assessment 

Proficiency 1
Presenter Tricia Kuon
Cultural Implications Related to Attending Graduate School
Research Brief, Vol 2, issue 6
Proficiency 3
Presenter Dr. Melissa Burgess
Literacy Inquiry and Reflection
Research Brief, Volume 2, Issue 3
Proficiency 5
Presenter Dr. Rebecca Bustamante
Culturally Proficient Schools and School Leadership
Proficiency 6
Presenter Dr. Melissa Burgess
Adapting Instruction or Programs to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners
Research Brief, Volume 2, Issue 4
Proficiency 7
Presenter Dr. Helen Berg
Linguistic Diversity

Proficiency 8
Presenter Dr. Melissa Burgess
Diverse Learners, Higher Level Thinking
Research Brief, Volume 2, Issue 5
Proficiency 10
Presenter Dr. Melissa Burgess
Authentic Learning Environment
Research Brief, Volume 2, Issue 1


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