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Step 1

Log in to Tk20
Click Applications
Click Create
Choose your application based on your future certification
Fill out and click submit

Step 2

Approximately 2 weeks after the application deadline, you will be emailed a copy of your application
Print 2 copies
Turn in the copies of your application to Educator Preparation Services


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know my student teacher placement?

  • The placement of student teachers is a lengthy process that is subject to change at any time during the process. Students can initially access information about which school district they will be placed in, but may not know the specific campus, Classroom Mentor Teacher, or University Supervisor assigned to them until the beginning of the semester.  It takes a great deal of planning and coordination for these schools to place each student teacher with two separate Classroom Mentor Teachers. The Sam Houston Innovative Partnerships with Schools (SHIPS) typically coordinates well over 1,000 student teachers and Classroom Mentor Teachers every year. Student teachers are asked not to request changes to their placements after submitting their applications

Can I student teach at a specific school campus from one of the participating school districts? (For instance, you want to be placed at Nimitz H.S. in Aldine ISD because you graduated from that school).

  • Once the applications are sent to each school district representative it is out of our hands. We have no influence over what campus you will be placed at” to “We have no influence over what campus you will be placed. Once the applications are sent to each school district representative it is out of our hands.

What if the school I want to student teach at is not on the list of participating school districts? (For instance, wanting to be placed in an Austin ISD school so that you can live at home during student teaching.)

  • Student teaching is best completed within the SHSU program and partnership.  Going outside of the listed participating partnership schools is not an option unless documentation is provided of an emergency reason for you to go outside of the SHSU program. To be considered for an emergency exception of this type you must provide thorough written evidence to the Educator Preparation Services desk well in advance of your student teaching semester.

I need to be a full-time student to remain on my parents' insurance coverage, but student teaching and the companion courses are only nine credit hours; what do I do?

  • In the Elementary and Secondary Education Program portions of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction section of the Catalog (hard-copy and on-line), it states "Students registered for nine hours during the student teaching semester are considered to be full-time students."

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