Professional Expectations

Teachers have a responsibility for professional behavior and conduct at all times. The public schools and the Teacher Education Program at Sam Houston State University expect high standards of professional conduct during your teacher preparation training and field-based experiences. The following categories describe, in general, the expected professionalism.

I. Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are required for all classes, tests, seminars, group meetings, small and large group collaboration, and for all field-based experiences.

II. Professional Attitude

Your maturity and commitment to the profession of teaching will be reflected by your positive attitude. Keeping a positive, professional attitude will be crucially important to your course work and to your field experiences.

III. Professional Communication Skills

Professionalism in your interactions with public school and university personnel and other teacher candidates implies (1) active listening, (2) thoughtful responses, and (3) active participation in class and field-based experiences. Assuming full professional responsibility also means contributing to small and large group interactions, planning sessions, and assuming an active role in your professional development when appropriate.

Your professional reputation and that of your University rest with you in your field experiences. Your professional behaviors will communicate your integrity and character. These professional behaviors include how well you articulate your ideas and beliefs in facilitating instruction, the speech you use, interactions with your peers, regard for school district dress and appearance guidelines, and the highest respect for teacher-student relationships.

It is extremely important to respect and honor the confidentiality of all interactions with school districts, administrators, teachers, and students during field experience.

IV. Honesty and Ethical Behavior Reflecting Good Character

It is imperative, of course, that you do not undermine your personal integrity in any way nor project that appearance in any situation. For any assignments and examinations, students in field experiences and student teaching will adhere to the University policy of personal responsibility for one's own work and uphold the Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Standard IV., "The teacher fulfills professional roles and responsibilities and adheres to legal and ethical requirements of the profession."

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