Student Teacher Performance Evaluation Form D

The Student Teacher Performance Evaluation - Form D is an external performance evaluation of pre-service teachers in the initial programs of the Educator Preparation Program at Sam Houston State University. In general, each candidate is evaluated by the University Supervisor one-time during student teaching while most candidates are evaluated by two Mentor Teachers, two different placements, during student teaching.  This is considered a culminating, summative evaluation. 

Form D has three major sections based on the following:

  1. Technology Standards based on the International Society for Technology in Education (NETS*T),
  2. The TExES EC-12 Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility Standards, and
  3. The SHSU Dispositions/Diversity proficiencies (DDP).

The evaluation is aligned to national, state, and College of Education (COE) instruments, integrated into the knowledge-base of the curriculum, demonstrated as skills during the clinical experience and measured with outcomes-based assessments at multiple levels. Utilizing a 3-point likert scale in which 1 = Rarely, 2 = Sometimes, and 3 = Consistently, the assessment is evaluated by two separate external evaluators. The outcomes of the evaluation are important measures of teacher readiness.

Revised during Academic Year, 2010-2011, data from the previous Form D, administered since AY 2005, offers an important measure. Data from the revised assessment are linked below, indicating trend data for all initial candidates; only two academic years' data are available at this time.

Student Teacher Performance Evaluation - Form D

University Supervisor Assessment

3-Year Tend Data – All Candidates

Full Trend Data from these Form D Scores

University Supervisor Assessment
Number of Assessments AY 2011-2012 AY 2012-2013 AY 2013-2014
  470 238  


Technology Standards - Mean ScoresAY 2011-2012AY 2012-2013AY 2013-2014
I. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity 2.71 2.76  
II. Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments 2.59 2.65  
III. Model Digital-Age Work and Learning 2.61 2.67  
IV. Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility 2.66 2.70
V. Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership 2.56 2.62


PPR Standards - Mean ScoresAY 2011-2012AY 2012-2013AY 2013-2014
I. Planning Content for All Students 2.67 2.74  
II. Fostering a Positive Learning Climate for All Students 2.73 2.81  
III. Implementing Responsive Instruction for All Students 2.67 2.73  
IV. Demonstrating Professionalism for All Students 2.68 2.70  


Dispositions and Diversity ProficienciesAY 2011-2012AY 2012-2013AY 2013-2014
I. Demonstrates an attitude of reflection and thoughtfulness about professional growth and instruction 2.76 2.84  
II. Demonstrates a commitment to using technology to create an authentic learning environment that promotes problem-solving and decision making for diverse learners 2.74 2.78  
III. Practices ethical behavior and intellectual honesty 2.89 2.89  
IV. Demonstrates thoughtfulness in communication and an awareness and appreciation of varying voices 2.80 2.87  
V. Demonstrates knowledge of second language acquisition and a commitment to adapting instruction or programs to meet the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners 2.60 2.72  
VI. Demonstrates the ability to be understanding, respectful and inclusive of diverse populations 2.83 2.87  
VII. Uses assessment as a tool to evaluate learning and improve instruction for all learners 2.69 2.80  
VIII. Demonstrates a commitment to literacy, inquiry, and reflection 2.77 2.82  
IX. Leads diverse learners to higher level thinking in cognitive, affective and/or psychomotor domains 2.66 2.72  
X. Demonstrates a commitment to adapting instruction or programs to meet the needs of diverse learners 2.69 2.80  

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