Student Teacher Evaluation Form A

The Student Teacher Evaluation, Form A, is based on the Professional Development and Appraisal System (PDAS), widely used among school districts across Texas, and aligned to the SHSU Institutional Standards for Educator Preparation Programs. The candidate is evaluated at least three times during the student teaching semester or internship by the University Supervisor, who is trained to evaluate the PDAS.

The earlier evaluations are formative appraisals and last evaluation is the summative appraisal. The assessment, aligned to Specialized Professional Associations (SPA) within the initial programs of the Educator Preparation Program, is comprised of four domains. They are:

Domain 1:         Active, successful student participation in the learning process

Domain 2:         Learner-centered instruction

Domain 3:         Evaluation and feedback on student progress

Domain4:          Management of student discipline, instructional strategies, time, and materials

Revised during Academic Year 2008-2009, data from Form A are important measures of EC-12 student learning and classroom management. A scale is employed in which 20 to 25 points = 5 (Exceeds Expectations), 12 to 19 points = 3 (Proficient), 4 to 11 points = 1 (Below Expectations), and 0 to 3 points = 0, (Unsatisfactory).

A link to the full data report is located at the bottom of this page. The 3-year trend data for all initial candidates, scored by the University Supervisor, are based on a Likert scale. The mean scores for the four domains by academic year for all initial programs (UG and PB) are listed below.

The State of Texas recently adopted a new performance evaluation system as the state model for teacher education, Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS). The Educator Preparation Program will transition to the new assessment system during AY 2014-2015.

Student Teacher Evaluation - Form A
University Supervisor Assessment - 3-Year Trend Data

Full Trend Data from these Form A Scores

Mean Score2011-20122012-20132013-2014
Domain 1- Active, Successful Student Participation in the Learning Process 3.86 4.01
Domain 2 - Learner-Centered Instruction 3.81 3.89
Domain 3 - Evaluation and Feedback on Student Progress 3.82 3.89
Domain 4 - Management of Student Discipline, Instructional Strategies, Time, and Materials 3.77 3.81

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