Overview Steps to Admission Coursework


Students may choose either student teaching one semester – undergraduate hours - non-paid) or internship (one year – graduate hours – paid) as their culminating field experience. Please speak with an advisor to determine the best option for you.

Student Teaching

If the student chooses student teaching, the student should contact the Office of Field Experiences one semester before the student wishes to student teach. The student needs a post baccalaureate application for student teaching. The student enrolls in CISE 4396 and CISE 4397 during the semester of student teaching. The Office of Field Experiences finds the placement for the student based on the completed post baccalaureate application for student teaching.


If the student chooses the internship, the student is responsible for finding their own teaching position. Our data indicates that, to be successful in the internship, the student may have completed the following courses before beginning the internship:

  • CIED 5397 Human Growth and Development
  • CIED 5360 Advanced Methods of Instruction
  • CIED 5393 Assessment of Learning
  • READ 5311 Literacy and Learning Grades 8-12

In order for school districts to employ the student for the internship, the student should pass the content exam (TExES) for their certification plan.

When the student has completed the 12 hours listed above and passed the content exam (TExES), the student should request an Internship Eligibility Form. This form must be completed by the employing school district before the student will be given departmental approval to register for the internship classes, CIED 5398 (Fall) and CIED 5399 (Spring). The internship is one full year of teaching  (fall to spring) as the teacher of record in an accredited school.


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