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Through its degree and certificate programs, the Department of Security Studies in the College of Criminal Justice provides students with the theoretical foundations of the nature and origins of threats to our nation and its critical infrastructure as well as the tools to identify and mitigate those threats through risk assessments and emergency management. Consistent with the Homeland Security Enterprise model, the all-hazards approaches emphasized prepare students for work as security analysts and emergency managers in private security and all levels of government, addressing foreign and domestic threats, natural or otherwise.

Academically located within the College of Criminal Justice, the Department of Security Studies builds on one of the leading Criminal Justice and Criminology programs in the nation and the decades-long relationships of the College with public safety practitioners in the field. Moreover, the department is geographically situated within Texas, home to:

  • Two of the nation’s top 10 airports
  • 16 waterports
  • 29 oil refineries
  • One of only a dozen Major Medical Centers nationwide
  • The longest border with a foreign country of any of the 48 contiguous states

The Department’s geographic and academic context have given rise to a very robust internship program which provides students with hands-on experience in the field to supplement their classroom experiences. 

Graduates of the program have been employed by:

  • The Department of Homeland Security (Border Patrol)
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (Intelligence Analyst)
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (Intelligence Analyst)
  • Local police departments (Crime Analysts)
  • South Texas Nuclear Power Plant (Plant Security)
  • Photofax (Surveillance Firm)
  •  Mustang Engineering (International Oilfield Service Company)
  • G4S Security (Private Security)

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