General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register?
  • Must be accepted to Sam Houston State University
  • Student must meet TSI requirements
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA to enroll in 1 course, minimum 2.5 GPA to enroll in 2 courses
  • Student has no holds on their account (advising requirements, past due account balance, etc.)
  • Student has not previously received a D or F in the course for which they are enrolling in
  • Meet all course prerequisites
How many correspondence self-paced courses can I take?

Students may only take 2 correspondence self-paced courses at one time. A maximum of eighteen (18) hours may be completed by correspondence self-paced courses.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Students have up to one calender year to complete a course, but must be enrolled in the course for 60 days before they may take the final exam.

When can I register for a correspondence self-paced course?

Students may register at anytime (even between semesters). If you are a graduating senior, please refer to our registration deadlines.

How do I register?

Students must first be accepted to Sam Houston State University prior to enrolling in a correspondence self-paced course. Not accepted? Visit Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

Complete and submit the registration form to or in person at 2405 Avenue I Huntsville, TX 77340 (behind Domino's).

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full once the registration process has been completed. Payment is made online through MySam.

How do I drop a course?

Complete and submit the drop request form to or in person at 2405 Avenue I Suite C Huntsville, TX 77340 (behind Domino's).

If I drop my course, will it show up on my transcript?

No, the course will not appear on your transcript.

When can I take the final exam?

Students are eligible to take the final exam after ALL lessons have been submitted and graded and a student has been enrolled in the course for 60+ days. Complete and submit the final exam application to or in person at 2405 Avenue I Suite C Huntsville, TX 77340 (behind Domino's).

How long will it take to post a grade after I have taken my final exam?

Course grader have two weeks from the date of submission to report a final grade. Correspondence self-paced courses appear on the transcript under transfer coursework.

How can I request an official transcript?

Official transcripts can be ordered through the Registrar's Office.