COM 481

Communication Theory
COM 481

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to communication theories and to explore their application to our everyday interactions. Students do not give speeches in this course; rather the class is lecture and discussion based. Students are encouraged to actively participate during the lecture with examples from their everyday experiences.

Several of the theories covered include:

Social Penetration Theory: If you have ever had a friend or dating relationship, this class is for you.  It will help you better understand how these relationships grow and develop. 

Cognitive Dissonance TheoryHave you ever suffered from “buyer’s remorse?”  If so, this is the theory for you.  This theory explains how people deal with inconsistent thoughts and ideas.

Expectancy Violations TheoryIf you have ever dealt with a “close talker,” this theory will help you understand why you your pre-interactional expectations affect your interactions. 

Groupthink: Even rocket scientists don’t make good decisions, as evidenced by the 1986 Challenger Disaster.  This theory helps to explain how a group of people make a worse decision than a lone individual.

Communication Privacy Management: Have you ever told someone a secret and they blabbed it all over town? This theory explains how we establish rules for protecting our privacy and what happens when these rules are violated. 

If these sound like experiences you have had, then this is the class for you! Come and learn about these theories and many others. Find things that you can use in both personal and professional situations. 

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