COM 465

Nonverbal Communication
COM 465

Basic Information: The study of nonverbal communication develops an awareness of how nonverbal cues are used in sending and receiving messages in the communication processes. The course provides an in-depth study of physical appearance, gesture and movement, facial expression, eye contact, touch, use of time, and the voice to communicate nonverbally in a variety of interpersonal relationships across personal, professional, public, and cultural contexts. It will help you learn to better interpret the nonverbal communication you encounter as well as develop your ability to use your own nonverbal skills to better communicate with others.

Some Topics We cover: We cover a wide variety of topics in this class including facial expressions, eye contact, body movement, gestures, personal space, physical appearance, touch, vocal characteristics, time, and so on. These topics are investigated in contexts such as initial interactions, job interviews, doctor-patient situations, gender differences, cross-cultural contact, as well as courtroom interactions. By the end of the class, you will have a much better understanding of the following topics: lie detection in close relationships, appropriate personal space in interpersonal interactions, importance of facial expressions in courtrooms, body shape and self image, vocal and facial features and self identities, interpersonal perceptions, cross-cultural differences and similarities in the use of nonverbal messages, and strategies to prepare for a job interview.

Format of this Class: Lecture, Class Activities, Field Observations, Videos, and Guest Lectures all make this class FUN!

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