COM 380

Colonial and Nineteenth Century American Public Address
SCM 380

What do George, Thomas, James and Abe have in common?  They were country boys who made good, especially made good in the first century of the United States:  each became president of the country.

Colonial and Nineteenth Century American Public Address looks at the first two centuries of true American leadership:  the early preachers, the first politicians, the rebels, the compromisers, the debaters, the native Americans, a congressman with a coon skin cap, and some really uppity women.  Rather than “date and place” history, we look at the words of each of these unique people and get to know them and their thoughts in context, with a critical look at the long term impact of their influence.

The course begins with the Mayflower Compact and ends with Russell Conwell’s “Acres of Diamonds,” a speech that he gave almost 6,000 times, and is still published today.  Between those two markers are the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the debate over slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Women’s Rights Movement, social reform, westward expansion, the gold versus silver debate, the campaign for a New South, the rise of the Labor Movement, and the Spanish American War.  Wow!

The past is the past, but some exciting things happened then that influences our lives today.  Find out how, why and by whom.  Give it your best shot—and you don’t have to use a musket!

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