COM 290

Multimedia Communication
COM 290

If you want your audience to stay awake for your message, take note: the bar has been permanently raised with the new technologies in computer-based presentation design.

Unfortunately, good software alone does not make for good presentation design.  In fact, quite the opposite is true!  There are strict rules to designing presentations you must follow, and innumerable pitfalls that will sap the strength of even superb speakers, ruining an otherwise engaging presentation. Avoid falling into this pitfall – register for SCM 290 – Multimedia Communication and learn how to turn under designed presentations into works of art that would even make Picasso proud!

While everyone needs basic oral competence, SCM 290 will provide you a more sophisticated training in public eloquence and media design. As computer-based presentation design has become more the norm, audiences are being overwhelmed with productions that seem to use every feature and font that the presenter can find. Remember, you may think your presentation is great and the audience is with you as they politely nod their heads and smile, but beware: the emperor believed that only a "fool" couldn't see his beautiful new clothes!

So if you couldn't follow the last slide show you sat through, much less stay awake, ask yourself if your own presentation designs probably couldn't use a little help, too and sign up for the presentation class with pizzazz!

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