COM 284

Argumentation and Debate
COM 284

Have you ever sat in a meeting, knowing that the decision that was surely to be made was a poor one? There were several issues that no one had addressed, and you knew it. You left the meeting wishing you had the nerve, the gall, the knowledge, the skill, the confidence, whatever it took to be able to get your important points across. There’s a course just waiting for you: Argumentation and Debate.

A person does not have to be argumentative to argue a good point. You just have to know how to structure the argument and support it with evidence. It really isn’t that complicated. Argumentation and debate is one of the most offered speech courses in the country and it is the workhorse of the “application in real life” perspective of higher education. We really use the skills that we work on in this class.

Each student should be able to analyze a problem, come up with a solution, develop a working proposition and argue in favor of that proposition with appropriate and convincing evidence. Sounds like a winning situation. 

Learn how to win your point—it could be fun to argue without fighting. Give it a try.

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