Consuelo Stone

Consuelo Stone

Consuelo Stone
Adult Education Post Secondary Coordinator


Consuelo Stone coordinates post-secondary services for the Adult Education Department at the Education Service Center Region 6, ESC 6. This position was created through a partnership between the College of Health Sciences at SHSU and ESC 6. In this role, she coordinates partnerships between high schools and postsecondary institutions to encourage students to enter the medical field and pursue a career in healthcare. Stone has been with ESC 6 since 2006 and as a prolific scholar, she has served in several capacities both at SHSU and at ESC6. Her most recent role was project director for the 21st Century afterschool program in Walker County, adult education coordinator and bilingual/ESL specialist. Consuelo is also a member of the Sam Houston State University Advisory Board for Food Consumer Science and Nutrition, and the Advisory Board for the Center for Community Engagement.

As a founding member of the Julian Cho Technical High School in Belize. Her primary focus in education includes adult education programs, bilingual/ESL programs, and a pioneer in repeatedly building successful educational programs from the ground up.

As an international Fulbright Scholar, Consuelo will forever be a member of an elite group of individuals granted study and research while being funded by the Fulbright Program. Consuelo was given the opportunity to study in Iowa and Illinois before moving to Texas in 2002.

While striving to achieve lifelong dreams has been only one of many strong suits, Consuelo’s inner drive and determination to achieve lofty goals are impressive. Not only is she qualified to be a district administrator at any level, she is also qualified to teach special education, bilingual, generalist, driver education, and agriculture science. She holds valid teaching certificates in Texas, Illinois, and Belize.

While Consuelo Stone’s academic qualifications are impressive, she considers her track record to be the crux of her life goals. Consuelo’s accomplishments include implementing a district-wide bilingual program after conducting a needs assessment for English Language Learners. But not only is she renowned within the district level, her college accomplishments including receiving the Outstanding Research Award while completing her Administration and Supervision Master’s in 2006 (given to only one graduate student each semester at Sam Houston State University). Consuelo has also been recognized for community engagement and work with women in rural Mayan village in Southern Belize.

Even though her accomplishments are many, Consuelo is known for her genuine love of educating others. Whether as a teacher, coordinator, director, specialist, or administrator. Consuelo is a passionate educator whose inner drive focuses on leveraging community resources through partnerships. Her selfless, tireless dedication to others is incredulous. While very few could ever hope to match her track record, her legacy in education cannot be denied.