"Honor" Has a Nice Ring To It

Linda Borja - Senior Mass Communications Major

Linda Borja

"The Ring Ceremony on April 1 is more than simply receiving a class ring. It is a time to celebrate and reflect on all the hard work that has been accomplished to this point.

I am very excited to be a part of the Sam Houston State University tradition of the Ring Ceremony. Like many of my friends, I have worked very hard and feel that I deserve to have a constant reminder of my accomplishments.

I am the first in my family to attend college and want to squeeze out every ounce of the college experience. The ring represents all the hard work by both my family and me. It shows the dedication I have put into my education and also is a reminder of the opportunities I have that my parents did not.

My father stressed the importance of having the ring and participating in the ceremony. I did not completely understand at first why it was so important to my father that I participate in the ceremony. I had decided I was not going to participate in the ceremony or order my ring simply because I could not afford it. I spoke to my dad about this and he said, “Linda it is important for you to have that ring. Don’t worry about the money. I will pay for it. We will figure something out.”

At the time my father’s job was cutting back on hours, yet he insisted on ordering the ring. When I spoke to my mother about the situation she also said, “Don’t worry about it. If your dad is offering to help you then order the ring. You know you deserve to have it.” I then realized that what both of my parents wanted for their family is represented in that one ring.

The official ring of SHSU has the word “Honor” inside of it. Elizabeth Houston, Gen. Sam Houston’s mother, explained to him before he joined the U.S. Army that she had "rather all my sons should fill one honorable grave, than one of them should turn his back to save his life." She then handed him a gold ring with the word “Honor” inscribed.

SHSU’s official ring is an honor to have. Each junior and senior participating in the ring ceremony has their own meaning for the word “Honor” on their ring. For me, it is an honor to have my entire family there with me at this special Bearkat tradition in which all of my sleepless nights and tears will be celebrated."

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