Speaker Bios

Joan BythewayDr. Joan Bytheway is an associate professor of forensic anthropology and serves as the director of the Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility, one of only seven willed-body facilities in the world for the interdisciplinary study of human decomposition. Bytheway specializes in forensic anthropology/human osteology and taphonomy, and her research interests are in the areas of sex determination of the fragmented hipbone, effects of fire trauma to human skeletal remains, and non-metric anomalies of the human skeleton. She also has served as a peer reviewer in more than 130 forensic anthropology cases, consults for multiple law enforcement agencies in southeast Texas, and has reviewed for the Journal of Forensic Sciences. She earned her bachelor’s degree and her Ph.D. in physical anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Peter RousselWith more than 45 years of experience in business, government, politics and media, including two tours of duty in the White House as an assistant to Presidents Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, Peter Roussel is now an author, public speaker, and the Warner Endowed Chair of Journalism at SHSU. Roussel’s career began when serving as press spokesman for U.S. congressman and United Nations ambassador (later president) George H.W. Bush and, subsequently, under Presidents Ford and Reagan, for whom his duties included briefings of the White House press corps and accompanying President Reagan on foreign and domestic trips. He fictitiously details some of his “presidential duties” in his novel “Ruffled Flourishes,” published in 2009 by Bright Sky Press. He also has written for the New York Times, Washington Post and other publications. Roussel is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Houston and has taught public relations courses at SHSU since 2009.

Pamela ZelbstDr. Pamela Zelbst is an associate professor of management in the SHSU College of Business Administration and director of both the Sower Business Technology Laboratory and the Center for Innovation and Technology. She specializes in research related to operations management, including the implications of using Radio Frequency Identification technology in business settings, such as for inventory management; robotics; metrology; and, most recently, 3-D printing, which she and her team (including students) are using for a variety of service-oriented projects. Zelbst earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and her Master of Business Administration degrees from SHSU and her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington. She has been on the SHSU faculty since 2005.

Jason EniaJason Enia is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and the founding Director of the Center for the Study of Disasters and Emergency Management. His research explores the international and comparative politics of disasters and focuses on the way that rules contribute to different types of disaster-related outcomes. He teaches courses on international relations, conflict and terrorism, political economy, research and writing in political science, and disaster politics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the University of Dayton, his master’s degree in international political economy and development from Fordham University, and his Ph.D. in politics and international relations from the University of Southern California.