Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion I - Building Bridges Between Town and Gown

Academic Community Engagement (ACE) courses bring university and community expertise and resources together to improve the quality of life through mutual and reciprocal partnerships. This session will explain how SHSU created this initiative, describe its future development, and highlight two professors whose students are making a positive difference in Huntsville.

Speakers: Joyce McCauley, Dr. Lee Miller, Dr. Sanjay Mehta, Karen Miller, Dr. Jeff Wozniak, view all
Location: SHB 134

Panel Discussion II - Preparing SHSU Students For the Workforce

This session will focus on five of the many internships offered to SHSU students. Discussants will describe the internships and share student intern success stories. Ample time will be allotted for discussion and participant input.

Speakers: Dr. Daphne D. Johnson, Dr. James B. "Jim" Bexley , Dr. Holly A. Miller, Dr. Philip Morris, Mike Yawn, view all
Location: SHB 138

Panel Discussion III - How SHSU Is Serving the Needs of the State

Faculty from the Center for Rural Studies, the Institute for the Study of Invasive Species, and the SHSU Department of Forensic Science will describe how SHSU is serving the needs of the State.

Speakers: Dr. Gene Theodori, Dr. Michael Fortunato, Dr. Jerry Cook, Dr. Sarah Kerrigan, view all
Location: SHB 138

Panel Discussion IV - SHSU Arts and Media: Locally, Globally

The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication will present a video presentation, SHSU Arts and Media: Locally, Globally highlighting the work of the College and featuring faculty and students. Dean Ronald E. Shields and college faculty will answer audience questions.

Speakers: Dr. Ron E. Shields, Kelli Arena, view all
Location: SHB 134