The Letters

The Letters of Sam and Margaret Houston from Sam Houston State University on Vimeo.

Museum To Get Romantic With ‘Letters’ Exhibit

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum will spread the love throughout February with an exhibition that mixes history and romance.

Houston letter

This letter from Sam to Margaret, written in March 1857, will be included in the exhibit. —Photo by Casey Roon.

“The Letters” presents “a rare opportunity for the public to view actual correspondence between Gen. Sam and Margaret Houston during the time the Houstons occupied the Woodland Home,” according to museum marketing coordinator Megan Buro.

The special exhibition, which will be on display from Tuesday (Feb. 4) until April 30 in the museum’s rotunda, will feature four letters between Gen. Sam and Margaret Houston that were donated by the Houston family.

“I chose letters that were beautiful in the actual writing, that conveyed the love between the couple,” said Casey Roon, museum curator of exhibits. “I also wanted letters that fell during the time frame that the Houstons lived in the Woodland Home.”

Among the intrigue associated with the correspondences between the Houstons was a legend that says that Margaret would fold a heart-shaped catalpa leaf into her letters to mail to Sam, who was away in Washington D.C., serving in the senate, according to Roon.

The transcriptions of these letters and more can be found in The Personal Correspondence of Sam Houston, Volumes I–IV, edited by Madge Thornall Roberts, all of which can be purchased in the Wigwam Neosho Museum Store.

For more information, contact Buro at 936.294.3839 or visit the museum on Facebook.