April 23, 2016

Katy and E. Don Walker, Sr. Education Center
1402 19th Street | Huntsville, TX 77340

More about Founders Day

On April 21, 1879, Governor Oran M. Roberts signed the legislation that created what is now Sam Houston State University. Founder’s Day celebrates that occasion with sessions that are newsworthy, fun, and that provide stimulating discussions on relevant, thought-provoking topics. Join us for a day of honoring the past, while discussing the exciting new developments that will determine the future of SHSU.

Classroom Sessions

Academic Track I

New Campus Buildings

Speaker: Dr. Jaimie Hebert

An expanding university requires an expanding campus infrastructure. A cursory glance at the University landscape and the extraordinary amount of construction is clearly evident. These construction projects are an absolute necessity in the university’s on-going evolution. This session will provide an overview of the campus construction plan and the relation to academic and University-wide strategic plans. A brief overview of funding sources and potential construction projects, as they relate to university vision, will also be addressed.

Academic Track II

Online Education

Speaker: Bill Angrove & John Newbold

Bill Angrove, Associate Vice President for Distance Learning at SHSU Online, will team up with Professor John Newbold to give an exciting overview of distance education and present some compelling new research on faculty that teach online. This will be an informative and engaging session for anyone interested in finding out how SHSU is leading the pack in one of the fastest growing areas of higher education.

Academic Track III

Agriculture and Engineering Initiatives

Speaker: Dr. Stanley F. Kelley

Dr. Kelley will start the session by taking the audience on a journey through the rich history of Agriculture and Engineering Technology at Sam Houston State University. This trip through the past will set the stage for a description of some of the innovative new programs currently underway, as well as insight into the future plans and expansion of one of Sam’s most celebrated departments.

Academic Track IV

Academic Programs Across Campus

Panel: Dr. Phillip Lyons, Dr. Stacey Edmonson, Dr. John Pascarella, Dr. Abbey Zink

SHSU has a long history of blazing new trails with doctoral programs. The panel of deans will spotlight that fact with a discussion that takes us from the oldest criminal justice PHD in the country to some of Sam’s leading edge new programs. You won’t want to miss this session that will take us from clinical psychology to SHSU’s application to become the first fully accredited university in the nation to offer a Ph.D. in digital forensics.

Session Videos

  • Stanley Kelley: Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology

  • Doctorate Level of Education Discussion

  • Jaimie L. Hebert: New Campus Buildings

  • James F. Gartner: Old Campus Buildings

  • Simone Camel: Research

  • Bill Angrove: SHSU Online

  • Stacey L. Edmonson: Thoughts on Life



Dr. Stacey Edmonson

Dean, College of Education


Dr. Jaimie Hebert

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


Dr. Stanley F. Kelley

Professor and Chair of Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology


Dr. Phillip Lyons

Dean and Director of College of Criminal Justice


Dr. John Newbold

Associate Professor of Marketing


Dr. John Pascarella

Professor and Dean, College of Science


Dr. Abbey Zink

Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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