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Committee Members

AssignmentNameDivision/DepartmentE-mailPhone #
Chair Charlie Vienne University Advancement / Alumni Relations 936.294.1840
Logistics Charlene McWilliams Office of the President 936.294.3415
Logistics Riley Kleppelid University Advancement / Development 936.294.2402
Logistics Ray Burgess Alumni Assoc. Board of Directors 713.865.3281
Logistics Mary Ellen Thornton Alumni Representative 903.589.4118
Logistics Casey Hughes University Advancement / Office of Alumni Relations 936.294.4123
Logistics Christopher Arcos On-campus Recruiting Counselor / Chair-elect - Staff Council 936.294.2710
Logistics Christopher O'Brien Acad Instruct Tech and Dist Learn cro006@SHSU.EDU 936.202.5028
Academic Track Nancy Baker CHSS (Chair, Faculty Senate) 936.294.4467
Academic Track Dick Eglsaer Office of the Provost & VP for Academic Affairs 936.294.1006
Academic Track Julie Schwab Office of the Provost & VP for Academic Affairs 936.294.1001
Academic Track Mike Yawn CHSS 936.294.1456
Academic Track Lee Miller CHSS 936.294.1517
Marketing / Communications Thelma Mooney University Advancement / Development 936.294.4047
Marketing / Communications Kris Ruiz University Advancement / Marketing & Communications 936.294.3492
Marketing / Communications Bruce O'Neal University Advancement / Marketing & Communications 936.294.1833
Marketing / Communications Casey Roon University Advancement / Museum 936.294.3292
Marketing / Communications Peter Roussel Dept of Mass Communication 936.294.4502